3D Sterling Silver Pendants

depicting any image you send to us. This can be your precious one(s) or maybe someone you want to remember or just your favorite pet, place, car, drawing or anything else! All we need is a suitable photo or digital image (keep scrolling for more info) and some time for the casting and finishing process, to create your own personal memory of a lifetime!

How does it work?

We use a similar technique as used by the ancient Roman coin makers called "lost wax casting".
Click HERE to see how this is done.


You can use the contact form to ask any question, send us your files or make an appointment at our store in North Liberty IA.
Or give us a call: 319 - 665 - 2213


Single image

Name Description Price
Regular Oval shape 20x18mm. (18in chain included) 199.00
Large Oval shape 23x20mm. (18in chain included) 249.00
Extra Large Oval shape 26x23mm. (18in chain included) 279.00
Key Fob Rectangle shape 28x23mm.(Key chain included) 369.00

Multiple Images

Name Description Price
Regular Round shape - Images on front. 239.00
Regular Round/ Oval shape - Images on front and back. 279.00
Large Round shape - Images on front. 299.00
Large Round / Oval shape - Images on front and back. 339.00
Custom Shape Price to be determined. tbd